Space Coolness--LIVE

Today, I present to you some fun space links to see what's happening right now:

See what the International Space Station Sees:  Live link at

Hey!  I can see my house from here!
Want to see the moon as well?  Check out this site:

Remember the Voyager probes?  We're still discovering stuff from them!  They're in the heliosheath (the outer part of the heliosphere where solar wind is slowed by pressure from interstellar gasses--about 80 times the distance from the sun that the earth is!  You can exactly how far they've traveled here:
Can you hear me now?
Explore Mars!  This site optimistically assumes we will be at Mars by 2019. (Gasp, choke, and heave a sigh.)  However, it's given a great interactive look at what a Martian colony (by us, not little green men) would look like based on current science and engineering (as of 2009, but it's still awesome):
No, John Carter is not your tour guide.
If touring about isn't for you, you can play at space engineering here:

Sadly, it didn't let me design this. Sigh.

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