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I spent about an hour crafting a thoughtful blog about the Russian Phobos-Grunt mission...only to receive the rotten news that some of the engines failed and they have three days to fix the problem (two as of this posting) or it will be Mars Probe-Eating Goul: 17  Russia: 0.  I'm grumpy about losing all that work, disappointed for Russia and none-too-happy with Mars.  So today, I'm posting some fun space stuff courtesy of my Facebook friend, Roger Weiss, who is a great guy to follow if you like space stuff.

This awesome picture comes from Hubble, and is of two interacting galaxies, with a possible third on the upper right (where you can see the bluish clusters.)  Read more here

You know how some motivational experts tell you to map out your dreams, use pictures, etc?  Well, NASA has done this.  However, I can't find a graphic that isn't interactive, but the interactive is tres cool, so check it out here:  If you are interested in something more detailed and less playful, there's a PDF of the roadmap developed with 12 other space agencies.

So the Orion is in the news this week.  This was part of the Bush program scrapped by Obama, which is now being repurposed to the Obama mission of going beyond low earth orbit.  So, the Orion needs to be moon-Mars ready.  (Though with their track record for Mars, let's not let the Russians help with this one.  Just in case.)

Here's the lastest test drop, to make sure that after traversing the farther reaches of space, it can actually land in water.

Here's a video of the imagined flight path for 2014. 

Enjoy the fun!  I'll write about the Russian Phobos-Grunt mission when we know better if it's a success of Russian technology and the ability to adapt or yet another episode in the Mars Hates Russian Science saga.

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Walt said...

I prescribe massive amounts of chocolate to counteract the effects of Russian Mars probe disaster-induced slow burns. (I've done my part. The ice cream never saw me coming.)

Karina Fabian said...

My getting fatter will not help Phobos Grunt. Maybe I should exercise instead. Lots of weightlifting, with every grunt in its honor.

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