About Karina

Karina Fabian was never a pencil-necked space geek.  She was, however, an honors graduate from Colorado State University with a Mathematics major and a history minor, and an intelligence officer in the USAF for seven years.  Now, she's a double-chinned mother of four, speculative fiction author, and wife to Colonel Robert Fabian, who is a professional space geek and the most brilliant man she's ever known.

Now that Rob is thinking about retirement (a few years down the road) and putting his brilliance to the commercial space industry, she's decided it's about time she get truly spun up on the industry.  Besides, which, as she moves from fantasy and comedic horror to more "hard" science fiction, she needs to improve her knowledge.  Hence, this blog serves to motivate her to continue to learn so she can share that info with the world.

In the meantime, she continues to write about dragon detectives, psychics going mad over the strain of their abilities, zombie exterminators, nuns in space, the Catholic faith and whatever else captures her imagination, which seems to have ADD all of its own.  She's also an officer in the Catholic Writers' Guild, a member of Broad Universe, and a member of the Lost Genre Guild.  She owns a computer named "Lazarus" because of the many times her husband has brought it back from the dead, and a dog and cat who love to watch her write.

Contacting Karina:

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