RIP Neil Armstrong

Last week, Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, died at the age of 82. 

Neil was one of the few select men to take part in the Apollo missions, and as the first man to set foot on the moon, he became an icon for the space program, and an inspiration to people around the world.  How many of us dreamed to follow, literally or figuratively, in his footsteps?  How many who are active in the space program now were inspired by his accomplishments?

Neil Armstrong will be in the history books for ages to come--and for doing something the whole world can feel proud about.  How amazing is that?  Plus, he lived to see the revitalization of the space program, but in the commercial arena, which I believe is more robust and promising than the if the government continued its monopoly.  His legacy will not die.

Some people say he's left a "hole" in the world, but (aside from the impact on his friends and family), I disagree--his life fired the imagination of two generations, at least, and the promise of his great accomplishment will be carried on by others.  The world is richer for his having been in it.  He has earned his eternal rest.

You can view his official bio on the NASA website. My prayers go to his friends and family.

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