Space Studies Tuesday: Lesson 6: Electromagnetic Radiation 2

Link to Lesson:

Once again, we're getting some basic concepts that are used in engineering and astrophysics.  It's been interesting, though, because I learned a couple of things.  I'd heard that light is the only thing that is described both as a wave and a particle.  When I'd not realized is that anything on the electromagnetic spectrum (like radio signals) can be described the same ways.  It's just that the particle idea is better used when you start getting into the spectrum of light.

I didn't really know what decibels were, so this lesson was good for that.  However, it's been a long time since I've worked with logarithms, so I did some looking on YouTube.  Here are two to share with you. 

Decibels explained on an engineering level: This one is good for showing why decibels are useful as well as what they are.

Decibels explained on a more elementary level:  This one gives a little history.

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