Space Studies Tuesday! Who's in?

If there was one thing my dear friend, Walt Staples, was good at, it was finding interesting articles or information and foisting them upon his victims--er, sharing them with his friends.  Case in point:  when I started this blog, he started sending me links to news articles about space.  I'd dutifully scan them and often blogged about them, but I could never keep up.  Several were flagged to deal with later.

That leads us to today's blog and challenge.  He had sent me this e-mail back in November:

Hi Karina,

Were you aware that JPL has an online Basics of Spaceflight class? I think it's pretty good (brushing up on GTOs). You might think about mentioning it on the blog sometime.

I thought it looked like a lot of fun, not only to blog about once, but to make a group activity for my readers:  we would take the class together.  So I flagged it, and have just now come back to it.

There are 18 sections with one or more lessons each.  The lessons run about three pages each if they were in a book, with a small online quiz.  I propose we do one a week, over the weekend, and come back on Tuesday to report our test scores (optional) and any comments we have on what we've learned.  This will take us until Dec 18 to complete, but we'll have done ti together.  It'll be fun!

Here are the lessons:  I'll post them in the sidebar with the date we meet to discuss them.


1 The Solar System
2 Reference Systems
3 Gravity & Mechanics
4 Trajectories
5 Planetary Orbits
6 Electromagnetics

7 Mission Inception
8 Experiments
9 S/C Classification
10 Telecommunications
11 Onboard Systems
12 Science Instruments
13 Navigation

14 Launch
15 Cruise
16 Encounter
17 Extended Operations
18 Deep Space Network
Who's with me?
First lesson on the Solar System will be discussed on Tuesday, April 10.

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