Here's your chance to find a habitable planet!

The past year has been an incredible one for space as we have found more and more extra-solar planets that could possibly sustain life.  However, the data from the Kepler telescopes that is supplying those discoveries is immense, and computers can't always do an accurate job of interpreting or catching a trend or anomaly--and there just aren't enough dollars to pay scientists to do it all.

That's where you come in!  How would you like to see hitherto "science-eyes-only" data and learn how to interpret it to find possible life-sustaining planets...and then get to search for them?

The project is called Planet Hunters is is found at :

Welcome to Planet Hunters from The Zooniverse on Vimeo.

 So, here's the chance for us non-sceince-types to contribute to manned space.

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