Junk in Spaaace 3--DVD Series Review: Planates

I'm recovering from the MuseOnline Conference this week--what a great time, and you have to give commercial space some credit for it, because we had people from around the world in the forums and chats, something not possible without satellites. So, for the third installment of this series, I thought I'd do something fun.

Eventually, we're going to have people in space, which means trash and trashmen. It could be that once we are out there on an everyday basis, it might be more efficient to have humans collect the space junk and either send it into a destructive deorbit, collect it, or fix it. Would you be a garbage man if it meant getting to go into space? It's an important job, but how much respect would you get?

That's the topic for the Japanese science fiction anime, Planates.

Rob got this on netflix late one night many years ago, and I have to admit, the first time, I wasn't interested. We gave it a second try a couple of months later and I was hooked. This is a very believable and entertaining show about a young woman who wants to be in space, but didn't do so well in her class, so she ends up on the trash detail. The characters are hilarious--there's no wonder they are the laugh of the station--yet they take their job very seriously--and show some surprising compassion and depth of character. (I'm thinking of the episode with the memorial plaque, specifically, but won't tell more because it would be a spoiler.) I liked it so much that I also got the manga (Japanese graphic novels) that carry the story in more depth.

You can buy it on amazon, or rent it on netflix.

Not that I should need to say this, but I bought this series and am reviewing it because I liked it. I was not paid nor given free stuff.

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